Pupil premium 2018/19

The Pupil Premium is additional funding received by the academy to raise the attainment of pupils who are currently eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or have been eligible in the past 6 years, have been designated as a looked after child for more than 6 months, or for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces. The funding is used to contribute towards closing the gaps between these pupils and their peers.

In 2018/19 the allocated funding was £210,100.

Strategy Statement

A statement outlining the academy’s strategy for spending the Pupil Premium allocation is outlined in the table below.

Date of review: September 2019.

Spending AllocationReasonsMonitoringResources / BudgetImpactRAGContinue in 2019/2020
Increase outcomes for disadvantaged HAT students, specifically in 5 EBACC pillarsProgress for PP HAT students improved in 2018 but was still only -0.65 for Ebacc. Outcomes need to continue through targeted support / masterclasses in Ebacc subjects.Books Mock examinations Revision attendance Data captures 2019 Examination outcomes£6,000PP HAT progress improved in the Ebacc pillar (from -0.67 in 2018 to -0.04) but was not sustained across all pillars.   Yes. Impact seen in Ebacc subjects but review strategies to sustain this and improve attainment in all other pillars.
GCSE ScienceTo further improve Science outcomes for disadvantaged students in Y11 in 2018/2019. Including 121 tutoring for students.Books Mock examinations Revision attendance Data captures 2019 Examination outcomes£6,000Science progress was 0.20 for PP students in 2018 and -0.32 in 2019. Progress for PP students remains above the national for similar students. New DOL to reallocate senior technician support to provide more focused interventions.
Specialist primary trained teacher of literacy and numeracyTo make rapid progress and support students in catching up with their peers though an ‘accelerate’ group in Year 7 and targeted support in Year 8. To improve access to the curriculum.CLP data NGRT and Progress Tests End of term/year assessments£38,700Improvement in some students reading scores. Teacher Performance Indicators show a significant improvement in this group across the year. Continue.
Spending AllocationReasonsMonitoringResources / BudgetImpactRAGContinue in 2019/2020
Provision of Teaching Assistants for SEN Pupil Premium studentsTAs will support students in accessing the curriculum in all areasBooks TA Performance Management SEN review meetings£31,800Mixed. Overall outcomes for PP SEN students were -0.26 (ECHP) and -0.44 (K) in 2018. They are estimated at -0.34 overall in 2019. Review deployment of TAs so support has further impact on SEN (K) students.
Additional GL Assessment TestsImproved testing will ensure teachers have good information to identify intervention needs and track progress.Report to governors on impact of using additional tests Effectiveness of CPD programme on using GL Assessment Data Use on class data profiles£2,225Was used effectively to identify students for literacy support but could have more impact if used more widely. CPD for SLT was effective but needs to be disseminated further. Resource will continue (and is part subsidised by OAT) but additional CPD is needed on further understanding the data to impact on outcomes. Focus on fewer tests but with more use of data from these.
KS4 One to One Maths tuitionThis strategy has been used effectively in 2016 and 2017 for Y11 students and will now be used for students in Y10 also. Half termly tracking of outcomes in Maths QLA breakdowns and gap filling Summer 2019 exam results Mock results in Y10 and Y11£20,000Overall outcomes continued to improve in Maths. Progress for PP students was -0.06 in 2018 and -0.19 in 2019. The progress in this pillar reduced but not as significantly in some other areas. Yes, continue.
Y11 MentoringMentoring will support students with lower aspirations and ensure behaviour issues are limited to improve attainment. Mentor will2018/2019 destinations data Attendance at revision ATL data£9,350Progress was 0.03 for PP students in 2018 but -0.35 in 2019. Despite the dip with this cohort, there continues to be a Continue. Although the progress figure was not sustained, there were a number of individual students who needed significant mentoring.
Spending AllocationReasonsMonitoringResources / BudgetImpactRAGContinue in 2019/2020
 also help organise timetables, revision, and access to additional support for students as they prepare for exams.Year team intervention logs Summer 2019 exam results trend of improvement over time. Reallocate mentoring to focus on more students.
Additional staffing in core subjects (English, Maths and Science)Additional groups will improve the student: staff ratio and allow for a more bespoke provision where neededBooks Mock examinations Revision attendance Data captures 2019 Examination outcomes£32,225Outcomes continued to improve in Maths and Science. Continue. Clear impact but review English deployment to improve impact.
Additional teaching support in English and MathsHLTA support will enable us to further tackle gaps in skills and knowledge in English and mathematicsHalf termly tracking of outcomes in Maths and English QLA breakdowns and gap filling Summer 2019 exam results Mock results in Y11£15,000HLTAs worked with PP students and P8 is estimated at -0.19 in Maths and 0.32 in English. These are above national for similar students and the best areas for PP progress.  Continue.
Attendance Officer and engagement with LA attendance and inclusion supportTo work with students and families to continue improving attendance. Additional transportation to be provided/considered in exceptional circumstancesWeekly attendance updates to SLT and half termly to LGB£12,000Attendance has held steady for PP students.  FLA showing impact on overall attendance. Continue with support package from LA and FLA focused on PP students.
Intervention CoordinatorTo provide Literacy and Numeracy support, and ELSA, Life Skills and Social Skills support to enable access to the curriculumNGRT and Progress Test data ATL data Life skills course outcomes£12,950Overall progress for PP students continues to be above national for similar students. There are a key group of Continue to focus funding on ELSA support.
Spending AllocationReasonsMonitoringResources / BudgetImpactRAGContinue in 2019/2020
 and reduce behaviour issues to improve attainment.  students without social skills to fully access the curriculum who need more support.  
Behaviour Support AssistantTo reduce behaviour issues that may have a detrimental effect on attainment and progress.Weekly updates on: Exclusions Isolation ATL£11,000Student incidents decreasing. Good in some areas but not enough impact to exclusions. New AP appointment for September 2019 to further support behaviour systems and management of this area.
Music TuitionTo allow students to have opportunities to increase their competency in, and their love of MusicATL data Uptake of Music at KS4 Half termly data tracking£2,600Funding allocated to music workshops which enabled all PP students at KS3 to experience high quality tuition. Continue to fund workshop opportunities in KS3.
Trips and residential provisionEnsure that disadvantaged students can fully access the plethora of enrichment and extracurricular opportunities the academy offersParticipation rates ATL information£8,000The Cowes Charter enabled more disadvantaged students to access enrichment opportunities in 2018/19. Yes, continue and ensure full participation in the Cowes Charter.
Engagement with Food TechnologyEncourage all disadvantaged students to fully participate in KS3 Food Technology and to encourage passion for cooking and healthy eatingParticipation rates Uptake of Food at KS4 Pupil Voice Half termly data tracking£2000An overwhelming majority of disadvantaged students actively participated in KS3 Food Tech. Yes. Continue to aim for 100% participation.
Spending AllocationReasonsMonitoringResources / BudgetImpactRAGContinue in 2019/2020
UniformEnsure that all Y7 disadvantaged students and any mid-phase entrant who is disadvantaged is provided with a full uniformHalf termly update of numbers and uptake of uniform£5,000Y7, mid-term admission and older students with special requests were provided with a CEC uniform. Yes, continue.
RewardsEnsure a higher proportion of disadvantaged students receive more tangible and relevant rewards: New rewards system launched in September 2017Weekly rewards update (SIMS) Pupil Voice£8,000Increased rewards were given including a successful scheme to motivate disadvantaged Year 11 students. There has been a positive impact overall in response to increased rewards. Continue.