Transition year 6 to year 7

Welcome to Cowes Enterprise College.

We are delighted that we have been able to offer your child a place at Cowes Enterprise College and we are looking forward to welcoming your child into our community in September.

We pride ourselves on our supportive transition work at Cowes Enterprise College and I want to assure you that although this year’s process will undoubtedly need to look different across the coming months, because of coronavirus, it will be no less strong because of the current situation. We will be supporting you and your child throughout the next few months so that they will join us in the next academic year feeling confident, ready and excited about beginning secondary school.

I assure you that here at Cowes Enterprise College supporting the transition of your child remains of the utmost importance and I personally very much look forward to meeting you all when possible.

Rachel Kitley, Principal

Dear parent/carer

I hope that you and your families are well.

I am writing to update you with further information relating to our transition arrangements for year 6 to Cowes Enterprise College. This follows the Island-wide decision to not proceed with transition in person to ensure best health and safety procedures are followed in the light of the country’s delayed Coronavirus roadmap. Firstly can I assure you that although our transition arrangements may look different this year, they will be as supportive and nurturing as ever.

Thank for your patience while decisions have been made regarding transition arrangements, and for completing our adapted digital parent consent and data collection forms. If you still need to complete the form, please do so by clicking here.

Our transition support so far

The transition team (including SEN, safeguarding and medical personnel) have been liaising with all primary schools, sharing information and discussing the best way to continue to support your child when they arrive in September. Many of these discussions have taken place virtually, however we have also visited every year 6 class in person, enabling your child to ask any questions and for us to reassure them that they will be well looked after and flourish in our community. It has been a real pleasure for me to personally meet our next year 7 group of children.

Transition Day and Transition Evening

I can confirm that as a result of the delay in the easing of restrictions, the whole Island has decided the safest option is to cancel the official transition day and evening on 13th July. We understand that this will be disappointing for many students and families but please be reassured that when students start on Thursday 2nd September, we will be running an equivalent transition day where our new year 7 will be the only year group on site and will complete a number of different transition-related pieces of work to support their integration into secondary education. We have also been in contact with your child’s year 6 teacher as we will be providing some transition work for them to complete in their primary school classroom. 

In addition, we have also made the decision that, if the students are unable to visit us on 13th July, then we will be visiting them instead during the course of this day to see some of the work that they are producing.

Our school welcome video and 360 degree tour

So that you and your child can orientate themselves ahead of September, please enjoy watching our welcome video and access our new 360-degree tour with additional curriculum links.  

School uniform 

We have been in correspondence with our school uniform supplier, Simmonds who have confirmed they will be opening their in-school uniform shop from 26th July and throughout August as follows: 

Week Commencing 26th July         Open for appointments 
Week Commencing 2 August       Closed
Week Commencing 9th August   Closed
Week commencing 16th August  Open for appointments
Week Commencing 23rd August Open and no appointment necessary
Week Commencing 31st August  Open Tuesday and Wednesday and no appointment necessary

To make an appointment, please access the Cowes Enterprise College area of Simmonds website or click on this link. You will also find a uniform guide and list on their website as well as in our Year 7 Entry Booklet. 

Summer School, 3rd, 4th and 5th August, 8.30am – 2.45pm

We are excited to be able to offer a 3-day summer school for students transitioning to Cowes Enterprise College. The 3 days will consist of a mix of Maths, English, Science and Design and Technology and will provide students with an opportunity to meet some of their new peers, engage with secondary-level learning and even do a bit of cooking too! 

If you would like your child to attend the summer school days, please complete this form before Friday 2nd July and we will be in contact with further details. 

Tutor Groups

I am sure that your child is looking forward to experiencing a secondary school model of education and one new opportunity in year 7 is the ability to be taught by a range of subject specialists in different classes. As part of this model, all students will have a 20-minute tutor period in the morning between 8.30am and 8.50am. Their form teacher and form group will normally remain the same for their 5 years at Cowes Enterprise College and their form tutor represents the first point of contact for any questions about your child’s education or pastoral needs.  

Over the next few weeks, you will be sent a separate letter detailing who your child’s form tutor will be in September along with a short video introduction from them. Please note that across the day students work with a variety of students, meaning that if your child isn’t placed with all their friends in form time, they are very likely to mix with them at other times in the week. 

We do try to ensure that all students have someone else in their form group who is from their primary school class in order that there is a familiar face on their first day. We also find that new friendships are formed within the first few hours and that any nerves very quickly disappear.

Starting school on Thursday 2nd September

We are very excited about meeting you and your child on Thursday 2nd September. Please drop your child off outside the main school entrance where key members of staff (including the transition team) will be waiting to greet the students and answer any questions you might have. Please ensure that your child is wearing full school uniform (PE Kit will not be required on this day), and have the correct equipment detailed in the Year 7 Entry Booklet. 

Do please get in touch by 13th July if you have any questions or need any further information. We are here to support this process in whatever way we can.

Mr T. Harding
Assistant Principal

Dear Parent / Carer,

We are delighted that your child will be joining us in September, and I am writing to inform you of some exciting arrangements for this year’s academy transition programme.  

Our main aim over the next few months is for students to feel happy, secure and ready to achieve their best. Although this year’s overall programme may look slightly different to pre-Covid days, I can assure you that it will be no less important or supportive.

Mrs Thomas, who will be your child’s Head of Year, and I have started to visit primary schools to speak to children individually about their transition to Cowes Enterprise College. These visits will continue into June and allow us to have professional discussions with your child’s year 6 teacher regarding their academic progress but also provides an opportunity to discuss pastoral support that might needed to be put in place prior to September.

New 3600 interactive virtual tour

We are aware that many of our students transitioning to Cowes Enterprise College this year have not been able to properly look around the school building. We have therefore created a brand-new virtual tour of the school that allows you to look at classroom environments and click on interactive ‘hotspots’ that access a specific subject’s curriculum.

Important Data Collection, consent forms, agreements and language choices.

Please use the link above to complete the data collection and language choices form. This is mandatory and we would be grateful if you could complete this form by Wednesday 10th June.

Transition Day Welcome Booklet

Please use the link above to access the transition welcome booklet that provides all the information you need to help support your child for a successful transition to Cowes Enterprise College.

Transition Day – Tuesday 13th July, 8.30am – 2.45pm

We are looking forward to welcoming your child to Cowes Enterprise College on our transition day on Tuesday 13th July. They will need to arrive at the main school entrance in full primary school uniform with a packed lunch, water bottle and pencil case.  Further information can be found in the transition welcome booklet.

Transition Information Evening – Tuesday, 13th July, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

After your child has had an experience of secondary school, you are invited to attend a Transition Information Evening on the same day, Tuesday 13th July at 6.00pm. During the evening, you will hear from members of the Senior Leadership Team and key members of staff who will be supporting your child’s transition. Miss Pitman, SENCO will be available to discuss any SEN needs in preparation for September. In addition, Mr Harrison, our Family Liaison Assistant will also be on site to talk through any individual medical concerns.

Year 7 Entry Booklet – Information for Thursday 2nd September. 

Please use the link above to access important information regarding starting in September, uniform, times of the school day, equipment required, PE arrangements and behaviour expectations.

Term Dates

Please click on the link above to access academy terms dates.


Please use the link above to access our uniform supplier’s website (Simmonds). They will also be present during the transition information evening for any questions. Further confirmation of on-site fitting dates will be provided over the next couple of months.

At Cowes, we strive for excellence in everything we do and we believe that children deserve the opportunity to express themselves as individuals and are able to make the transition to secondary school as smoothly as possible.

We will be contacting you again over the next few weeks to confirm our transition day and evening arrangements. 

From all the team at Cowes, we are very excited to welcome you as part of our family and look forward to meeting you soon. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr T. Harding

Assistant Principal

360-degree virtual tour and videos

Please click on the image above or link below to access our 360-degree virtual tour of the academy where you can interactively look around the school, click on links to view information about each subject’s curriculum and view the entire site and surrounding area from above.

Important information sent to parents and carers -

If you have any questions or concerns, or have not received this information by post or email, please call on 01983 203103 or email [email protected] Thank you.