Drama GCSE

Course Content

GCSE Drama is an exciting course that provides the opportunity for students to develop their practical skills and their understanding and appreciation of Drama and Theatre. Drama also offers development in a wide range of transferable skills that will support all other subjects. Some of these skills include communication, reasoning, team work, self discipline, time management and creativity. We follow the AQA specification.

Assessment Procedure

Practical (60%)
During the 2 year course students will create 5 practical examination pieces ranging from Scripted work to Theatre in Education. The 2 highest marks will then be selected and put forward towards their final GCSE grade.

Written (40%)
Students will sit a 2 hour written examination in the summer of Year 11.

Opportunities at CEC and beyond

  • Visits to see professional theatre productions.
  • Access to performance or directing roles on whole college productions.
  • This course can lead to A Level and BTEC courses in Drama, Theatre Studies, Performing Arts and particularly supports English (Literature of Language) and History.
  • Jobs in this industry include acting, teaching, public relations, research posts etc. Industry employers cite the skills gained through studying drama as particularly valuable and attractive.

Complimentary Subjects

English, History, Psychology, Sociology