History GCSE

Course Content

Our GCSE History course follows the OCR exam board and focuses on modern world history. During our two year programme of study, we explore in depth Germany 1918-1945, the Cold War 1945-1975 & Britain 1939-1975. Our controlled assessment (Historical Enquiry) examines events in the USA between 1919-1941.

Assessment Procedure

The GCSE course is assessed through a combination of written examination and controlled assessment:

  • Paper 1 Depth and Core studies—Germany 1918-1945 / Cold War 1945-1975. 2 hour exam worth 45% of the qualification.
  • Paper 2 British Depth Study—How far did British society change, 1939-1975? 1 1/2 hour exam worth 30% of the qualification.
  • Historical Enquiry (Controlled Assessment) - USA 1919-1941. 2,000 word written essay, marked internally and externally moderated, worth 25% of the qualification.

Opportunities at CEC and beyond

  • A GCSE in History is well regarded by further and higher education establishments and by employers as a rigorous and academically challenging qualification.
  • GCSE History can lead to further study at A-Level, but which also compliments a wide range of other subjects.
  • A qualification in History can open career paths in business, the media and law, as well as politics, research and the heritage sector.
  • The department runs a residential visit to Germany to support the teaching of the course.

Complementary subjects

Other Humanities subjects, Business, English & Modern Foreign Languages.