Level 2 Performance Arts

This course encourages students to explore and understand the performing arts industry and to develop as effective and independent learners who develop a broad range of skills. It will cover the industry at both a local and national level, and give students the chance to appreciate the performing arts as both an audience member and performer across various disciplines. They will explore the process of working on projects from initial inspirations to completion. They will develop personal attributes including self-discipline, perseverance, self-confidence, commitment and leadership skills.

Assessment Procedure

UNIT 1—Skills Development: 
Internally assessed and externally moderated. Controlled assessment; 60%. Marked out of 70. Practical projects with portfolio of evidence and performance assessment.

UNIT 2—Showcase Performance: Internally assessed and externally moderated. Examination unit; 40%. Marked out of 60. Students work as a production company to put on a Showcase Performance in response to a brief set by AQA.

We follow the AQA Specification.

Opportunities at CEC and beyond:
Level 2 qualifications will  allow you access to most Level 3 qualifications.
This course specifically can lead to further courses in Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Drama, Media, Music Technology.
Potential future careers can include Acting, Teaching, Public relations, research posts etc. Industry employers cite the skills gained through studying drama as particularly valuable.

Complementary subjects would be those such as Drama, Dance, Music, Business Studies, English