Sixth Form Law Students Joined by Police Guests

For their A Level course, Sixth Form law students this week were joined by PC Egerton and PC Farr from the neighbourhood policing team.

They gave a really engaging talk to the students about policing and police powers including discussing stop and search, powers of arrest, detention, interviews at the police station, searches and samples. 

During the session students participated in some observation activities of difference crime scenarios to test their skills of observation as well as discuss next steps.  They looked at different equipment the police use and the different roles a police officer can have. 

Student feedback about the session was very positive and this experience has enriched their subject knowledge for their applied law assessment.

“the Police talk was really interesting and they had good communication skills when talking to us”

“the talk helped me understand what actions the Police would take and what a stop and search is”

“really enjoyed the session and how informative it was”

“I enjoyed the interaction in the session with the equipment the police use”

Our huge thanks to PC Egerton and PC Farr for joining us today!