Religious Studies GCSE compulsory

Course Content

If you enjoy active discussions, considering different opinions and can argue your point of view, but also see and respect the views of others, then Religious Studies will present an interesting, enjoyable (and at times a mind-blowing!) challenge.

You will study two units:

Religion and Life Issues:
  • Love, marriage and divorce
  • Wealth and poverty
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Our world
  • Looking for meaning
Religion and Human Experience:
  • War and conflict
  • Medical Ethics
  • Religion and State
  • Religious Expression

Assessment Procedure

100% external examination as 2 x 1 hour 45 minute written exams

Opportunities at CEC and Beyond

  • To experience a broad and interesting perspective of some of the key aspects of various life issues
  • The chance to develop the skills of analysis and debate and look at issues that occur around the world.
  • This course is an excellent step towards a college course in any reflective, thoughtful subject including – A Level Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics).

Complementary Subjects

English (Lit and Lang), History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology