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GCSE English Questions and Answers on 'An Inspector Calls'

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Fill in the missing words:
We are ___________ for each other. If men will not learn that lesson, they they will be taught it in ____ and _____ and _______.
We are responsible for each other. If men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish.
What year was the play written, and what year was it set in?The play was written in 1945 but set in 1912 to highlight how far society had moved forward in that time.
What is Eva Smith a metaphor for?The millions of working class people who were being exploited by rich people.
Why does Eva Smith change her name, and to what?Daisy Renton. She wants a new start and as she is now working in a bar known for prostitution, she may not have wanted to use her real name.
What does a cyclical structure mean?The play finishes as it starts, with an inspector calling.

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