Head student welcome

Head Students: Jack Jenner & Velimira Ekova

Welcome to Cowes Enterprise College, an academy that educates for life. Here at Cowes, we aim to offer the best opportunities possible for those aged 11-18. Through our wonderful network of staff and student leaders, we hope to leave a positive, lasting impression on all who walk through our doors and fulfil our core values – anyone can excel, be inclusive, share what is best and to enjoy the challenge.

At Cowes, we offer a range of opportunities that we encourage all students to take part in which include: Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cowes Combined Cadet Force, EPQ for Sixth Form, mock trial and a wide array of sporting, creative and other enrichment activities. Every week, students are designated time called Charter and E1M (Everyone Matters) which gives us a chance to involve ourselves in the extra-curricular clubs that the school offers and develop key life skills for contributing to society. This is especially relevant because of the influence social media has on students. With increasing pressure from peers and influential figures online, we find ourselves in a time of social uncertainty. We now strive to help our fellow students to feel more confident, more comfortable and more secure through the extended opportunities provided. 

As head students, we are devoted to promoting the wellbeing of our student body and relationships with important issues, such as equality. By focusing on wellbeing, we allow our community to progress in a positive manner through all strands of academic life and beyond.  A way in which we are working to achieve this is by endeavouring to strengthen the community structure within Cowes Enterprise College. In our school, we aspire to inspire students to believe that challenges can be overcome. We wish for each of our students to not only succeed but to enjoy their time here with us-which is why we feel so passionately about the physical and mental wellbeing of all.

Leading the Head Student team at Cowes, we are both looking forward to welcoming all new students that want to be a part of a wonderful academy that will help them to strive for academic achievement and innovation. We hope to see you as soon as possible to start your exciting and fulfilling journey at Cowes Enterprise College!

Head Students: Velimira Ekova & Jack Jenner