School day

7:45School opens
8:00Dining room open to students
8:25Latest time of arrival to be in class on time!
8:30Registration & tutor time- official start of the day
8:50Period 1
9:50Period 2
11:10Period 3
12:45Period 4
13:45Period 5
14:45Academy school day ends
16:30Academy closes to students unless taking part in an organised activity
Total weekly hours for compulsory time pupils will spend in school is 31 hours and 15 minutes.

Per week, students have 25 hours of timetabled subjects and an additional 1hr 40mins of form time (consisting of time for the development of literacy, charter time and an assembly), equating to 26hours and 40minutes of total weekly learning time. We have plans in place to extend this to 27 hours of learning per week for September 2023.

The total weekly hours for compulsory time students spend in school is currently 31 hours and 15 minutes. Please note that our learning time takes up a high proportion of these total school hours due to shorter social times and an emphasis on ‘every minute counts’.

This approach is in response to stakeholder voice, our good student punctuality to lessons and high expectations for well-paced learning. Our school day timings also best enable our enrichment programme by maximising after school enrichment time and daylight hours for best safety in winter. They also support both staff and student wellbeing and enable a greater directed time budget which can be allocated to staff CPD. This in turn supports our recruitment and retention of staff.

Our strong, above national average results for both Key Stage 4 and 5 are testament to the effectiveness of our school day but we are also in the process of developing plans for extending our school day to the required overall length for September 2023.

September 2022 – July 2023
Monday 08.30am-2.45pm
Tuesday 08.30am-2.45pm
Wednesday 08.30am-2.45pm
Thursday 08.30am-2.45pm
Friday 08.30am-2.45pm