Teaching Staff

If you have a question or would like to request a call back from a teacher please email [email protected]. We will always acknowledge and deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Sarah Avey

Helen Cater

Karen Clifford

Ann Wright

Andy Gulliver

Holly Downer

Casey Egerton

Ashley Hetherington

Elizabeth Stannard

Laura Augustus

Jade Beale (on leave)

Claire Brooks

Laura Burnett

Marie Callinan

Sara Cody

Justine Doughty

Gemma Galloway

Tracey Oliver

Katie Samuel

Rebecca Watts

Sarah Welton

Rebecca White

Sarah Wyeth

Catherine Eriksson

Simon Hughes

Alex Kingswell-Cleaves

Roger Lyon

Helen Olford

Kelly Wiltshire

Nila Pretty

Julia Doughan

Emilie Rajasingam

Tamsin Jackson

Luke Mills

Sandra De Lucio

Donna Brihmani

David Sanchez-Brown

Charlie Day

Keiran Dollery

Lynsey Greenfield

Rona Love

Craig Mussell

Bethaney Padden

Lisa Pitman

Blake Rayner

Sallyanne Stanford-Clark

Rob Stichbury

Jo Gibson

Andy Green

Ivan Kirk

Linda Knight

Lisa Martin

Rowen Tweedy

Cecelia Bloom

Kirstie Eade

Neil Evans

David Foster

Michael Hoare

Peter Johnson

James Moloney

Dina Procter

Neil Redmond

Sarah Rouse

Eniko Rus

Fiona Ryan (on leave)

Hazel Walker

Vanessa Wester

Tanieth White

Danielle Godfrey

Alex Kingswell-Cleaves

Daniel Harvard-Swan

Adam Brown

Julie Crane

Helen Davis

Alexandra Duffin

Simon Hughes

James Milligan

Michelle Vidovic

Julie Crane

Lorna Churms

Claire Slade-Carter