Sixth form prospectus

For most students, the study programme will comprise of:

  • Three advanced level courses (or four for some)
  • The Extended Project Qualification
  • Enrichment courses from the extended curriculum plus additional citizenship activities and other extension opportunities
  • Tutorial programme
  • Up to four charter periods

The opportunity to consider four advanced level subjects will be offered to students achieving a high admission score.

We believe that your sixth form experience is about more than your subject choices – it’s about the next chapter of your life, your journey to an exciting new world. At Cowes Enterprise College sixth form we want to further your passion to learn and encourage your desire to explore and develop in a learning community that is vibrant, challenging and caring. 

Choose Cowes Enterprise College sixth form as the springboard to your future.

Please click on the image below to view our sixth form prospectus:


Bursary application form – please click here to download

Please contact Richard Marinelli if you require further information (Email: [email protected]).