Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

What is the EPQ?

The EPQ is a single piece of work of your choosing involving planning, preparation, research and independent work. You plan your own topic which goes beyond your A Level subjects. Your final project is either an extended essay or an artefact (something you have created) with a report. It is worth 50% of an A Level and is done in addition to your A Levels.

KS5 EPQ Curriculum Journey

What the EPQ gives you

  • UCAS – Extra points/half an A Level – completed well before your exams.
  • Lower university offers.
  • A more impressive personal statement leading to a better university place.
  • A chance to study something of your own choice.
  • A way to learn invaluable study skills

When does it run?

The EPQ lessons start after half term in year 12 and you work during that year researching your project. You write your project in year 13 and it is completed by January of that year, with a presentation evening in March.

Recent projects include:

  • Researching and creating a piece of art
  • Writing a historical screenplay
  • A documentary based on the death of a celebrity
  • Composing music to create a specific mood
  • Planning and teaching a series of lessons
  • Creating and marketing a website for a product brand
  • Making a gender neutral doll’s house
  • Impact of childhood abuse on serial killers
  • Does Little Red Riding Hood reinforce gender stereotypes?
  • How social media impacts on young people
  • The gender pay gap
  • How significant was technology to WW2 ciphers?
  • Coral reefs in Indonesia

Our record

Cowes Enterprise College achieves exceptional EPQ results with a large proportion gaining A and A* grades.

Student Testimonials:

‘Undertaking the EPQ was one of the best decisions that I made during Year 12. It helped me gain more skills that I was then able to take into my other A-Level subjects. The EPQ helped me decide which university subject I wanted to take. I have learnt so much from undertaking the EPQ, from how to write a strong essay to how to use a variety of power tools. The EPQ allows you to be in control of what you are learning, it can be on something you are passionate about making it that much more enjoyable.’ Annie

 ‘Something I really enjoyed about EPQ was being able to choose my own title and be free in what project I explored. It was interesting to dive deep and produce an essay about a topic I had no prior knowledge about and base it on my own research and ideas, this made it a really exciting experience. EPQ is a fun experience and will help you in many ways when it comes university and I would recommend it to anyone.’ Josh

‘My experience in undertaking the EPQ, was an especially positive one. It has broadened my knowledge on how to effectively manage my time and organise myself with the use of charts. I have also extended my knowledge on how to efficiently collect and analyse materials as a result of this. But predominantly the EPQ gave me the opportunity to thoroughly explore an area of interest in great depth, that would especially benefit me with regard to my future degree.’

“The EPQ was a great chance to research a topic which interested me whilst also gaining a qualification from it. This was something which I would not have carried out if not for the EPQ as doing it as a project forces you to make time to research. I chose to study the correlation between childhood trauma and serial killing, a topic which linked into the subjects I want to study at university; therefore, it gave me something to talk about in my personal statement. It has also taught me valuable skills of time management, planning, research, referencing, etc. all of which will be needed in further education. It was also a useful project to undergo as it has lowered the offers I received from universities, making it more achievable to get into a top tier university.”

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