English at Cowes Enterprise College encompasses the study of language and literature. We follow a mastery curriculum which includes literary heritage, grammar and reading for pleasure. In order for students to become confident and skillful writers, lesson time is dedicated to developing the building blocks of good writing: grammar, vocabulary acquisition and spelling. Students are offered a variety of opportunities throughout the course to demonstrate their imagination and creativity.

We also recognise how important reading is to a student's academic success and to their understanding of the world. Students read a number of classic texts including Shakespeare in every year at key stage 3 and beyond. We instil in students an appreciation of our wide and varied literary heritage through classics such as Oliver Twist, Animal Farm and Jane Eyre. Throughout the study of literature, students are encouraged to develop their ability to analyse language and discuss the choices writers make as gaining a deep understanding of the context these authors were writing in.

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Key Stage 5 English Literature Curriculum
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