Wellbeing at Cowes

Positive mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of the academy.

Well being and mental health vision statement:

At Cowes Enterprise College, we are committed to promoting resilience and a positive mental health and wellbeing for both students and staff. Being happy and healthy is the first step to being successful. We understand that in order to learn and achieve our best we all need to ensure we are responsible for supporting each other and maintaining a growth mindset approach to all of our endeavours. We place well-being at the heart of our academy and ensure that our packages of excellent support and intervention are bespoke through a thorough understanding of individual needs. We seek to involve all of our community in understanding how together we can support wellbeing and mental health.

The role of Mental Health Lead and Wellbeing Lead:

  • Raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing across stakeholders
  • To train staff in a wide range of areas to enable excellent student support
  • To lead on the Wellbeing Award for Schools
  • To ensure the mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of the academy
  • To lead a change team that is formed from a cross section of staff and students to drive forward positive wellbeing across the academy
  • To ensure mental health and wellbeing forms part of the overall academy strategy and that it is regularly monitored, reviewed and actions put in place to address areas of need
  • To ensure that there are packages of excellent support available that is bespoke and tailored to individual needs
  • To develop a curriculum that focuses on students actively learning ‘how to maintain a positive wellbeing and mental health’ and to encourage discussion around sensitive issues
  • To reduce stigma surround talking about mental health and wellbeing so all feel comfortable in addressing issues and discussing topics
  • To ensure that appropriate supervision arrangements are in place at all levels
  • To celebrate wellbeing and develop structures to support this
  • To regularly review provision and action where necessary

As part of our continued drive for ensuring positive mental health and well-being, the academy is delighted to be awarded the Optimus Education Quality Assurance Mark – The wellbeing award and are also committed to being a part of the Isle of Wight Youth Trust Mental Health Charter.

Our change team, comprising staff from a huge variety of different roles, have been busy working behind the scenes to ensure we are prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of our staff and students.

In addition to our change team, all members of Cowes Enterprise College staff are proud to be trained and receive certificates in mental wellbeing in children and young people and key staff are trained as mental health first aiders.

Isorropia Foundation is a Wellbeing Organisation that has been designed to empower individuals to become the best version of themselves. https://isorropia.uk/

  • Kooth – Free online support for young people 💻 www.kooth.com
  • Young Minds – The UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people 💻 www.youngminds.org.uk
  • ChildLine – The UK’s free helpline for children an young people, providing a confidential counselling service for any child or young person with a problem 💻 www.childline.org.uk
  • The Mix – Free, confidential telephone helpline finding young people the best help whatever the problem 💻 www.themix.org.uk
  • Samaritans—Volunteers who listen in confidence to anyone in any type of emotional distress without judgement or telling people what to do 💻 www.samaritans.org
  • FRANK – Confidential information and advice for anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s drug or solvent misuse 💻 www.talktofrank.com
  • B-EAT Youth Helpline – online community information, help and support for anyone affected by eating disorders 💻www.b-eat.co.uk
  • Kidscape – the first charity in the UK established specifically to prevent bullying and sexual abuse 💻 www.kidscape.org.uk
  • It Gets Better Project – created to inspire hope for young people facing harrassment. 💻itgetsbetter.org
  • Brook Advisory Service – The UK’s heading provide of sexual health services and advice for young people under 25. 💻 www.brook.org.uk
  • Winston’s wish – The helpline offers support, information and guidance to all those caring for a bereaved child or young person 💻www.winstonswish.org