Admissions criteria

Selection criteria

If the number of applications is less than the number of spaces then all children will be offered places. 

Over-subscription criteria 

If the academy receives more applications than there are available places then children with the academy named on an education, health care plan (EHC) or equivalent will be automatically admitted to the academy. If there are still places available, priority for admission will be given to those children who meet the over subscription criteria set out below: 

  • Looked after children and those who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after were adopted or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order. A looked after child is a child who is in the care of a local authority, or being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (definition used is in Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989)
  • Pupils with a specific medical condition, confirmed by a consultant paediatrician or similar health professional (in writing), which can be supported more appropriately by some aspect of provision at Cowes Enterprise College, than at any other accessible school
  • Pupils who, at the time of application, have an elder sibling: (1) who is already at the academy; and (2) who will still be in attendance at the academy in September 2020
  • Pupils for whom we are the closest school
  • All other pupils, prioritised by distance, with students who live closest to the academy being offered places first
  • In the event of two or more students living an equal distance from the academy, with insufficient places available, place(s) will be allocated by drawing lots overseen by an independent adjudicator

In-year admissions 

Applications for in-year admissions are considered in the same way as those made at the beginning of the academic year and are dealt with in accordance the local authorities Fair Access Protocol. In-year admissions forms can be obtained from the local authority at admissions. 

Admissions policy 2020-2021 students included in the fair access protocol will take precedence over those held on the waiting list. Once a student has been identified for admission to the academy under the fair access protocol, the academy will notify the local authority within seven calendar days of the decision to accept or refuse the student’s admission. It the academy refuses entry, the local authority may request a direction from the Education Funding Agency (on behalf of the Secretary of State). 

The academy will set out its reasons for refusal in writing to the local authority within 15 calendar days (for CLA this is reduced to seven calendar days) and may make further representations directly to the EFA (these will be made within seven calendar days). The decision of the Secretary of State will be binding upon the academy.

Unsuccessful applications 

The academy will inform the child’s parent if a decision has been made to refuse their child a place at the academy for which they have applied, this will include the reason why admission was refused, information about the right to appeal, deadlines and contact details. A child is allowed to be on the academy waiting list while lodging an appeal and the appeal will not affect their position on the list. 

The decision of the appeals panel is binding on the academy.