We commit to our students every step of the way and our Cowes community is a family. We educate for life and love to watch our students grow and develop. As students leave us and younger ones join, our family grows too and former students are always part of the Cowes family and remain at the heart of our community. 

If you’re a former student of Cowes Enterprise College, or Cowes High School, we’d love you to share your experience. We believe that your connection with us shouldn’t end when you move on and we always look forward to reconnecting with our former students. It is immeasurably helpful for our current students to hear your stories; this can raise the expectations and ambitions of our students by opening their eyes to the enriching career paths that could lie ahead. 

If you came to Cowes, sign up to our alumni network by clicking on the link to stay connected and be a part of our community: Cowes Sixth Form Alumni Profile.

Former students can transform a young person’s confidence, motivation and skills and inspire a future generation. Here is our former student, Mimi Poulton’s, inspirational story of the moment she found out that she had got her place to read history at Selwyn College, Cambridge. 

Mimi Poulton

Achieved: English literature A*, history A*, drama A* and an EPQ. Accepted to: history at Selwyn College

“On A Level results day, I spent the whole day making sure I was in range of a phone signal.”

Cowes Enterprise College student, Mimi already had an unconditional offer from another university when she was told of her eligibility for adjustment at Cambridge. She admits that while the unconditional place could have tempted her to ease up, the offer of adjustment “felt like it wasn’t over yet, my hard work and effort could still be rewarded. It was really motivating.” Although she tried not to get her hopes up just in case, being accepted into Selwyn was “like opening my results all over again” and she says her mum was extremely proud.