We follow a mastery curriculum where students experience rich and diverse mathematical topics through problem solving and discovery.

We believe that maths sits at the foundation of children’s learning. We have a comprehensive numeracy programme to enable learners to become proficient in key skills, which falls alongside our main programme of study. This ensures students are equipped with the necessary tools to engage in the mathematical world around them.

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Key Stage 3 Maths Curriculum

Year 7 SEND Curriculum
Year 8 SEND Curriculum
Year 10 Foundation Maths Curriculum
Year 10 Higher Maths Curriculum
Year 11 Foundation Maths Curriculum
Year 11 Higher Maths Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Maths Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Further Maths Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Economics Curriculum

GCSE Maths Foundation Tier Checklist

GCSE Maths Higher Tier Checklist