At Cowes Enterprise College the Science curriculum is designed to foster a curiosity about the world around us, enable citizens of the future to understand and explore the world effectively and to be able to use scientific principles to both answer and ask questions about the universe and everything in it.

We know the importance of witnessing science in action through completing practical experiments. Students will have the opportunity to engage in practical experimentation throughout all year groups. We develop the practical knowledge and skills to use scientific equipment safely and accurately to competently test ideas and demonstrate phenomena.

We develop analytical skills in students which builds to our detection units which will draw on a wide range of student prior learning and apply that knowledge in a new context.

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Key Stage 3 Curriculum
Key Stage 4 Combined Science Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Biology Curriculum
Key Stage 4 Chemistry Curriculum
Key Stage 4 Physics Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Biology Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Chemistry Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Physics Curriculum
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Total weekly hours for compulsory time pupils will spend in school is 31 hours and 15 minutes.

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