Term dates

Autumn Term 2022
1st September 2022Staff development day
2nd September 2022Year 7 Only – Start of term
Year 12 enrolment
5th September 2022Years 8 to 13 – Start of term
All students return to school
24th October to 28th October 2022 Half term holiday
25th November 2022Staff development day
16th December 2022 Last day of autumn term
17th December 2022 – 2nd January 2023Christmas holiday
Spring Term 2023               
3rd January 2023Staff development day
4th January 2023First day of term
13th February to 17th February 2023Half term holiday
31st March 2023Last day of spring term
Summer Term 2023
3rd April to 14th April 2023Easter holiday
1st May 2023Bank holiday
8th May 2023Additional bank holiday
29th May 2023Bank holiday
29th May 2023 to 2nd June 2023Half term holiday
19th June 2023Staff development day
19th July 2023 Last day of summer term

Autumn Term 2023
1st September 2023Staff development day
4th September 2023First day of term for Year 7 students only
5th September 2023First day of term for all other year groups
23rd October – 27th October 2023Half term holiday
24th November 2023Staff development day
Friday 15th December 2023Last day of autumn term
18th December 2023 – 1st January 2024Christmas holiday
Spring Term 2024           
2nd January 2024Staff development day
3rd January 2024Start of term
12th February – 16th February 2024Half term holiday
28th March 2024Last day of spring term
Summer Term 2024
29th March 2024 Good Friday Bank holiday
1st April – 12th April 2024Easter holiday
6th May 2024Bank holiday
27th May – 31st May 2024Half term holiday
19th July 2024Last day of summer term

Note: Additional development days in November 2023 and June 2024 to be confirmed in due course.

Autumn Term 2024
2nd September 2024Start of term
28th October – 1st November 2024Half term holiday
Friday 20th December 2024Last day of autumn term
23rd December 2024 – 3rd January 2025Christmas holiday
Spring Term 2025
6th January 2025Start of term
17th February – 21st February 2025Half term holiday
4th April 2025Last day of spring term
Summer Term 2025
7th April – 18th April 2025Easter holiday
Monday 21st April 2025Easter Monday bank holiday
Tuesday 22nd April 2025First day of summer term
5th May 2025Bank holiday
26th May – 30st May 2025Half term holiday
22nd July 2025Last day of summer term (TBC)

Note: Development/INSET Days to be confirmed in due course.

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Total weekly hours for compulsory time pupils will spend in school is 31 hours and 15 minutes.

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