Triple Science GCSEs (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)

Students study Biology, Physics and Chemistry separately. We follow the OCR 21st Century syllabus and over two years will complete the GCSE Biology A, GCSE Chemistry A and GCSE Physics A.

Assessment Procedure

Students complete 7 modules in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • 75% Exam - 3 x 1 hour papers. 2 papers for first 6 modules and 1 paper for the larger 7th module.
  • 25% Controlled Assessment - Includes a Practical Investigation set by OCR for each Science.

Opportunities at CEC and Beyond

  • Leadership opportunities to mentor and/or support younger students.
  • Grades of BBB in Triple Science can allow you access to most A Levels and this course gives a good grounding for A Level Sciences.
  • This course can lead to university courses such as Medicine, Sciences, Archaeology, Pharmacology etc.
  • Jobs include Research Scientists, Doctor, Nursing, Ecologist, or work in The Forces.
  • Practical and literacy skills development.

Complementary Subjects

Psychology, Geography, PE