CEC Centres Itself as a Champion for Staff Development Across the Region

Cowes Enterprise College are delighted to announce they have been selected by the Department for Education to help drive staff development across the region.

As the sub-regional lead for the Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth (HISP) Teach School Hub (TSH), the school, sponsored by Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), will be entrusted with supporting teachers’ professional development throughout their career.

Alongside education partners across the region, the school will deliver a number of development programmes and qualifications that empower staff and help maintain a high standard of learning for students in the area.

Early Career Teachers will benefit from bespoke Initial Teacher Training and the wraparound support of an Early Career Framework. This will be bolstered by the opportunity for teachers and leaders who want to develop their knowledge and skills to undertake a reformed suite of National Professional Qualifications, as well as a clear and consistent commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

The role, which is in line with Cowes’ continued commitment to professional learning, will enable the school to provide a multitude of opportunities for all staff that are tailored to the needs of each individual school.

The school’s status as sub-regional lead will also bring with it a plethora of exciting opportunities for Cowes to host events on behalf of TSH that will strengthen their ties with schools and teachers within the geographical area and reach the shared goal of providing an excellent education for every student.

Rachel Kitley, Principal at Cowes Enterprise College, said:

“It is a real honour for Cowes to be selected as the sub-regional lead for the Teaching School hub, and we are really looking forward to working with schools across the region to support the wealth of teaching talent in the area.

“Encouraging our excellent staff to do their best and develop is crucial to providing the highest standard of education for all our students. This new role will help us continue to support our staff in all the great work they have been doing and encourage the next generation of teachers.”