Debating club

What is the debating club?

In this club, led and organised by our student leadership team, we aim to create a team that works together to debate a range of issues.  Students who are part of the team and participate in the competitions develop their knowledge of controversial issues and world affairs, while enhancing their speech writing, public speaking and analytical thinking skills. Debate club also aims to help develop confidence and a sense of team spirit.

Why debating is important

Debating is an amazing skill to learn, an incredibly enjoyable experience and a chance to develop key thinking and public speaking skills. Frequent in-school debates and external competitions allow students to debate on all levels, on issues from boxing being compulsory in school to all women should be given weapons and banning animal testing. Debating is open to everyone and anyone can suggest a topic. Recent debates include abortion, death penalty, euthanasia, Barbie dolls, and much more.

When does it take place?

The club will meet after school once a week on a day that suits everyone.


There are a range of roles that are vital to the success of the team:

  • The role of the chairperson is to introduce the Speakers and his or her topic, call on the opposition and the audience members to put questions and to summarise the overall presentation as part of his or her conclusion
  • The role of the speaker is to prepare well-researched and persuasive speeches.  Also to ask and respond to probing questions with a view eliciting more information from the opposing team and expand the discussion as a whole
  • The role of the researcher is to sift through fact and opinion and help construct a powerful arguments

In preparation for competitions, friendly debates should give all an opportunity to take on a range of roles.

Student testimonials

 “In the debate club we spent time discussing topics which both interested and challenged us. It allowed us to develop our research and communication skills which has prepared us for future education as well as gaining general life skills. On top of this, running and participating in debate club was fun, a not so serious way for us to have a break from the classroom whilst still discussing important educational topics.”

Contact details

David Sanchez Brown, Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form – [email protected]