Year 8 Students Explore Maritime History at Mary Rose Museum

During January, all Year 8 students at Cowes Enterprise College took part in a history trip to visit the Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The visit included a selection of activities and workshops for the students to take part in which were designed to support the project-based work that has been taking place this term. Every student in the year group was given the opportunity to ask questions relating to their own individual project.

Linking the academy’s Maritime Futures and History curriculums, the trip encouraged students to explore diverse topics such as Tudor navigation, religious practices, socio-economic disparities, multiculturalism, and evidence of international trade and travel. Additionally, students immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Tudor life, examining historical clothing, pastimes, and culinary traditions.

While at the Mary Rose Museum. Students visited the 4D cinema, where they heard the stories of the divers and volunteers who worked to excavate the shipwreck. Additionally, students enjoyed watching the holographic reenactment on board the Mary Rose and showed a particular interest in ‘Hatch’ the boat dog whose job was to catch the mice and keep the captain company.

The trip also offered the opportunity for students to observe the spot in the Solent where the Mary Rose sank.

The Maritime Futures curriculum at Cowes Enterprise College embraces the Solent’s rich heritage and places demanding academic concepts and techniques into ‘real life’ settings using the academy’s close ties with the maritime industry.

Cowes Enterprise College are very grateful to all of the local businesses whose support made this trip possible and to the staff at the Mary Rose Museum who were so welcoming and shared their time, knowledge and expertise.

Rachel Kitley, Cowes Enterprise College Principal, said:

“At Cowes Enterprise College, we are dedicated to providing our students with immersive educational experiences that bring learning to life. Our Maritime Futures curriculum is woven through various subject areas as part of the broader curriculum, and allows students to explore our rich maritime heritage while honing critical academic skills in a real-world context.”