Year 10 Students Impress Local Entrepreneurs at Business Pitch Day

Cowes Enterprise College witnessed an impressive showcase of entrepreneurial spirit as Year 10 business students pitched their innovative business ideas to local businesses at our Business Pitch Day.

Students pitched range of ideas to members of our local community; from a tour company, card making kits, bakeries, toiletry businesses as well as food outlets.  Some students pitched original ideas around new furniture designs and home renovations. 

It was a very successful afternoon with students Bella and Ellie-May making a very luxurious hot chocolate to show the quality of their food related business.

Another of the standout pitches came from ‘Afrotastic’ – an idea created by students Olivia and Emily who delivered a comprehensive and credible business plan. 

Miss Gibson and Cowes Enterprise College are so proud of all of the brilliant pitches that were put forward and the huge range and variety of ideas presented.

A confident Tom and Fraser pitched a football coaching business, Lilli and Seren were passionate and realistic about their ‘Rolling Scones’ bakery and Alexis and Kara had some really creative card designs and kits to show. 

A key area of the pitches is in the preparation and ‘Love 2 Travel’’s Lily, Ruby and Mia excelled here with their travel website design.  Trav and Thomas also performed well here with their Isle of Wight Tours idea where they had planned walking routes around the Isle of Wight.

Principal, Rachel Kitley, said:

“At Cowes Enterprise College, we’re committed to providing experiences that prepare our students for success in both work and life. Participating in our Year 10 Business Pitch Day offers students a real-world glimpse into the dynamic landscape of business. Through our immersive curriculum, students develop problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical skills essential for navigating today’s business environment.”