Our Eco Council

Social action and fostering the understanding that no one is too small to make a difference are important to us.

Every student in year 7-9 carries out social action each year and the whole school community work together to share in large scale, student driven events each half term.

Our eco-council was developed and is run by students who know they can make a difference. Students develop leadership, team skills, confidence and a clear sense of public spirit through their work with and on the eco-council.

Eco-council events see the whole school off timetable for a morning a half term to come together as a community of like-minded individuals to contribute to making a brighter future for us all.

Particular events we have carried out include:

Our voice matters: every student wrote a letter about their worries and hopes about environmental policy locally, nationally and internationally to the local Green party candidate. The candidate formally received the letters while visiting and met members of the eco-council. Our students’ views supported the party’s developing policy and manifesto around the environment.

We have a say: every student voted in the National Youth Parliament ballot to highlight the issues that mattered to them and that they wished to be discussed by their national representatives. The ballot set the year’s agenda for the Youth Parliament.

Eco-hustings: local MP candidates for the national election attended and answered questions asked by students about their stance on the environment. The event was planned and delivered by our students. It was chaired by our head boy and head girl and watched by the entire student body.

Valentine’s day message of love to the planet: every student planted a seed as a symbolic act of love to the planet on Valentine’s day. We nurtured the seeds and finally planted them outside in our fields.