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Ofsted Letter to Parents 17.05.23

Key Quotes

Pupils “generally behave well”, their “attitudes are mature, and their conduct is courteous.” This is driven by “well-established routines and expectations.”

The school environment is “one in which pupils feel safe and can learn.” Classrooms are “purposeful and the school site is calm,” and any reports of bullying or inappropriate behaviour are dealt with “swiftly and effectively.”

A “thoughtful and comprehensive personal development programme nurtures [pupils’] understanding of the world beyond the school and the island that they live on.”

Our curriculum is “well considered and academically rigorous,” and gives our pupils the tools to “move on to follow high-quality education, employment and training routes at the end of Year 11.”

Leaders give “careful thought to the whole curriculum, not just the academic subjects that pupils learn”, and “strive to expand pupils’ horizons way beyond their local community through a rich diet of carefully planned experiences that are captured in the school’s enrichment charter.”

Careers education, information, advice and guidance is “of a high quality,” and leaders make “effective use of local expertise about apprenticeships, recognising the diversity of opportunity that is available locally.”

Teachers are “ambitious to do more for pupils.” As such, “what pupils need to learn has been identified and mapped out precisely across Years 7 to 13,” and teachers use “their strong subject knowledge to teach these concepts effectively.”

Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) “learn well here”, while the report also notes that “since the last inspection, leaders have prioritised developing the school’s reading curriculum.”

Now that schools receive only 24 hours notice of an inspection, there is no time to gather parents’ views and so Ofsted makes use of “Parent View”. Obviously our hope is that the vast majority of you will have positive things to say about the School.  If you do have concerns, we would ask that you raise them with the School first, before using “Parent View” to express your dissatisfaction.

Please follow the link below to gain access to the “Parent View” website and give your views:

  • Please click here for a link to Ofsted’s ParentView .

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