Duke of Edinburgh's Award Camp Cookery Skills Course

This week saw the second week of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award camp cookery skills course, with lots of delicious noodle, pasta and sausage dishes. The students prepare and bring in their own ingredients and recipes for this skills course so it is a very independent course. Year 9 students learnt from week one to produce some substantial meals this week. Year 10 students on this course made homemade burgers (from scratch), a Spanish stew and a sausage casserole. As this skill course develops students will be making food that will help them during their expeditions. We can’t wait for next week!

Last week was the first of the camp cookery sessions, where students and staff had to deal with some very wet and windy weather. However, all students prepared their stoves and ingredients.  We had a range of food from home made burgers, noodle dishes, bacon and lots of pasta dishes.  Well done to everyone who came and gave this their best effort. 

Students taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award have also started to learn British Sign Language and have so far learnt how to spell their name and how to communicate clearly with a deaf person. Week two involved the students having a conversation with each other about their families. The students developed their facial expressions when talking to make sure this gave the appropriate ‘tone’ of what they were saying. The conversations included a range of different greetings as well as asking questions in sign language. We have been delighted to hear that students have been practicing at home with family members.

Students have also started dog training with little Vinnie. So far, students have successfully got Vinnie to ‘sit and wait’. They also managed to get Vinnie to return to them after throwing his much loved tennis ball. Some parts of the training such as the waiting at a path and road sense training will be a longer term skill to acquire.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide-ranging education that broadens horizons, resulting in well-rounded students who are invested in the world around them. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards are just one of the ways we are delivering this.