CEC Student Featured in The Economist Educational Foundation's Magazine

Cowes Enterprise College are delighted to have been featured in The Economist Educational Foundation’s ‘Hub Highlights’ issue on ‘Politicians and Power’.

Through their work with The Economist Educational Foundation as part of the Burnet News Club, Cowes Enterprise College students work with peers from around the UK, sharing valuable knowledge about important issues in the news and gaining the skills to explore different points of view and the confidence to have their say.

Katherine Howard, a student in year 8 at Cowes Enterprise College, composed a piece of classical music based on the concepts of power and opposition. Written for woodwind and brass instruments, the piece represents a discussion between the political party in power and the opposition.

When asked for the meaning behind her piece, Katherine said:

‘The clarinet represents the opposition. They start timid, while the other two instruments (a bassoon to represent the speaker and a trumpet as the party in power) are playing louder. Throughout, the trumpet and clarinet repeat a phrase the other instrument has played by slightly differently to show their disagreements. Occasionally, the speaker interrupts when the call and response between the clarinet and the trumpet becomes heated. Every time the two instruments begin again the clarinet becomes slightly more confident and becomes slightly louder until, at the end of the piece, it is the same volume as the trumpet. Later, the two opponents finally come to a decision, shown by the instruments playing in harmony with each other’

A representative for The Economist Educational Foundation described Katherine’s work as ‘very articulate’.

Popular across year groups, the Burnet News Club focuses on four key skills; listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity. Not only are these skills hugely valuable in school and further education, but also for future employment and personal development.

The Burnet News Club is part of a wide range of experiences on offer at Cowes Enterprise College, which aims to provide a well-rounded education that broadens horizons and produces well-rounded students.

You can listen to Katherine’s composition on the Burnet News Club website: https://burnetnewsclub.com/issues/politicians-and-power/the-discussion/politicians-and-power/