The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Memories

In memory of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, we share some of our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition memories.

All levels of Duke of Edinburgh Awards are offered at Cowes Enterprise College as part of the school’s push to ensure that students are participating in a wide range of enrichment activities. There is a team of experienced staff who help to run the programme. Over 100 Cowes Enterprise College students have registered for DofE at bronze, silver and gold level.

We are hugely grateful for the experiences, skills and many benefits the award brings to our students and staff.

We share some quotes from students on their expedition memories:

“I think our expedition went really well, we only messed up once.  It was okay because we worked out where we went wrong and got back on track.”

 “I think the expedition went really well.  We all communicated well with each other which made us better as a team.”

“Even though we were all extremely tired towards the end, we didn’t let that affect the way we worked together.”

Some students shared their favourite moments from their expedition, one student commented that they felt lucky to undertake their expedition in such a beautiful location and that ‘the view of the sea from the coastal path was amazing’. Another student said “my favourite moment was seeing lots of pheasants, kestrels and buzzards.  I enjoyed this because I find these birds interesting”.

The Duke had a lifelong commitment to inspiring, empowering and developing young people, and in setting up The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, he has helped transform the lives of millions of young people worldwide.  

Principal, Rachel Kitley, said:

“The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are always really popular activity with students, and as ever I’m extremely proud of how our latest cohort rose to the challenges, especially the additional challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have proved themselves in terms of resilience and perseverance and have also developed practical skills, as well as helping the local community.

At Cowes Enterprise College, we pride ourselves on providing a wide-ranging education that broadens horizons, resulting in well-rounded students who are invested in the world around them. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards are just one of the ways we are delivering this.”