Geography Field Trips Begin

This week saw the first of the GCSE Geography field trips. As part of their course work, students are looking at coastal management techniques and their effectiveness. The first site was Cowes Parade, where students analysed and reviewed the impact of the seawall and the breakwater. Cowes beach was our second site, where students completed a beach profile looking at rock amour and beach nourishment.

Students completed a range of research on this trip including an environmental quality survey into coastal defence structures and a beach profile collecting data using transects, tape measures and other equipment. 

The fieldtrip ended with an evaluation where students looked at potential hazards of their fieldwork and the limitations of their data. 

It was great to be able to offer the opportunity of field work for the students as it really brings the Geography curriculum to life. Cowes Enterprise College are delighted to be able to offer practical opportunities to complement academic learning across our curriculum.