CEC receives prestigious award for career programmes and development

Cowes Enterprise College, which is part of Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), has been awarded the prestigious ‘Quality in Careers Standards’ award for its dedication to providing students with valuable career engagement opportunities.

The Career Mark assessor praised the academy for offering students a wide range of career programmes and support.

Career development embedded in curriculum
In particular, the assessor was impressed with how the importance of career development had been embedded into each year group’s curriculum.

From Year 7 to the last year of Sixth Form, each student felt supported and informed on how to follow their own path.  

Connecting students with local community
The assessor also recognised the academy’s determined efforts in connecting students with their local community and its economy.

This includes educating students about different maritime and marine careers, as well helping them to develop skills such as sailing, swimming, lifesaving and CPR techniques.

Planning next steps
A core part of the academy’s career support is helping students plan their next steps.

Staff are on hand to assist students in choosing their GCSE and A Level options and helping them understand which subjects are essential for certain careers.

‘Everyone Matters Programme’
Furthermore, the assessor was also impressed with the colleges ‘Everyone Matters Programme’ and how it’s tied into the wider career’s curriculum.

Students are taught to value equality, diversity and inclusion and to recognise the harm caused by stereotyping and discrimination.

Every opportunity to pursue own interests
The academy was recognised for its commitment to ensuring students are offered every opportunity to pursue their own interests, such as the creation of an Eco School Council.

Through the council, the students have had the chance to lead on their own green initiatives including urging others to avoid plastic usage. As a part of this, students were supported in writing to MPs to ask them to provide more sustainable catering packages.

Connections with local businesses
In addition to the support and information, students receive inside the classroom, the academy also places importance on forming connections with local businesses.

Students are often taken on school trips to see how various businesses work first-hand, as well as inviting exciting speakers such as marine biologists to come and talk to the whole academy about their career paths.

The academy has also held fun career events, such as hosting the Noel Turner science festival, aimed at inspiring young people into entering a career in STEM.  

Hard work and dedication of our staff recognised
Rachel Kitley, Principal of Cowes Enterprise College said:

“I am extremely pleased to see that the hard work and dedication of our staff in their mission to provide our students with the best opportunities has been recognised. Our robust programmes and career support offer our students every chance to pursue a wide breadth of different and rewarding career paths.

“We will remain committed to encouraging our students to reach their full potential by providing unique and invaluable experiences that inspire them to become independent and to succeed.”