CEC Students Undertake Bronze DofE Practice Expedition

Cowes Enterprise College students undertaking the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award have undertaken their practice expedition.

Saturday, the first day of the expedition, saw excellent weather as students navigated to Nodes Point campsite.  All students led part of their route correctly, although there were some route deviations to manage along the journey.  Students had a really great attitude and were supporting each other with camp activities such as putting their tents up and getting their food prepared for their substantial meals, which included pasta and rice dishes.  After their meals were prepared and eaten, students spent a couple of hours running around and playing outdoor games, with an impressive display of energy!

Overnight and into Sunday, the second day of the expedition, the weather took a turn. The students displayed great resilience and maintained a positive attitude. They powered through walking in very heavy rain for a number of hours.  Most students completed the expedition and should be very proud of what they achieved.

Mrs Rouse and Miss Gibson, who coordinate the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for Cowes Enterprise College said:

"This expedition was one of the most challenging students had faced with the weather and it is worth remembering that there are 20 conditions to meet for the expedition. We are happy that the students can progress onto their assessment weekend in July."