Students Set Sail on Voyage with Ocean Youth Trust South

Thirteen Cowes Enterprise College students have recently embarked on an inspiring and transformative voyage with Ocean Youth Trust South, an extraordinary adventure that endeavours to leave a lasting impact on their lives.

The week-long voyage aboard the Ocean Youth Trust South vessel, Prolific, not only introduced them to the wonders of the sea but also imparted invaluable life skills and experiences.

Ocean Youth Trust South, a charitable organisation, is dedicated to providing young people aged 12-25 with the opportunity to develop essential life skills, self-esteem, and social intelligence through adventure under sail. Their 30-meter sailing boat, Prolific, serves as the vessel of personal development, navigating young crew members through challenges and triumphs on the open water.

During the voyage, students from Cowes Enterprise College actively engaged in the workings of the ship, from steering and hoisting sails to navigating and keeping a vigilant lookout. The experience was immersive, providing students with hands-on knowledge and a profound appreciation for the maritime world.

The journey, which included tacking up to Yarmouth, gybing down to Ryde, and anchoring in Osborne Bay, brought students closer to the marine environment, fostering an understanding of the importance of protecting our oceans. It also aimed to inspire future maritime career opportunities among the participants.

Cowes Harbour Commission generously funded this expedition, ensuring that local students had access to such an opportunity could partake in a life-changing experience.

Principal Rachel Kitley of Cowes Enterprise College, said:

“This experience with Ocean Youth Trust South is invaluable for our students. It not only introduces them to the joys and challenges of the sea but also nurtures essential life skills and broadens their horizons. We are immensely grateful to Cowes Harbour Commission and Ocean Youth Trust South for making this voyage possible.”

As Cowes Enterprise College students return from their voyage, they bring with them newfound knowledge, confidence, and unforgettable memories, marking this expedition as a pivotal chapter in their personal and educational journeys.

Cowes Enterprise College takes pride in the award-winning Maritime Futures curriculum. This unique program embraces the rich local heritage and seamlessly integrates demanding academic concepts and techniques into real-life settings. With the academy’s close ties to the maritime industry, students get hands-on experiences that not only enrich their academic learning but also foster a deep appreciation for the coastal community.