Cowes Enterprise College Welcomes National Shipbuilding Taskforce

Cowes Enterprise College were pleased to welcome members of the National Shipbuilding Task Force to the academy for the group’s penultimate meeting.  The group, which represents the entirety of the UK Shipbuilding enterprise, visited a Maritime-focused Year 7 Design and Technology lesson and were impressed by the high level of skill demonstrated by the students, particularly in boatbuilding.

The session revolved around communication and stakeholder engagement and discussed how to best communicate the UK Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce Report and its findings, as well as how to implement a transformative ‘New Narrative’ for the sector. This initiative aims to alter public perceptions and highlight the dynamic and diverse career opportunities available within the maritime sector.

Cowes Enterprise College Principal, Rachel Kitley, sits on the government’s National Shipbuilding Skills Task Force, advocating for the maritime industry at a national level. Her vision and willingness to share her experiences have also led to the establishment of a network of coastal schools developing maritime curricula, further cementing her status as a maritime ambassador.

Regarding the visit, Rachel said:

“It has been an honour to host the UK Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce at Cowes Enterprise College this week. We are always so proud to showcase the remarkable work of our staff and students around our Maritime Futures curriculum. We are so grateful to the Taskforce for their visit and for the opportunity to highlight the dedication and talent that thrives in our academy.”

Cowes Enterprise College is proud to offer an award-winning Maritime curriculum which offers students valuable exposure to maritime concepts throughout their academic journey, and the visit underlines the work that goes on at the academy to embed maritime learning into the curriculum. 

Please see the link to the UKSST report ‘A Step Change in UK Shipbuilding Skills’ here: