Sixth Form Students Impress at Model United Nations

On Saturday 2nd March, ten CEC students joined approximately 45 students from different schools at Ryde School with Upper Chine for a Model United Nations (MUN). 

They had to prepare position papers as delegates of the assigned country and experienced heated debate as part of committees and the overall assembly. There was plenty of discussion and they proposed and voted for ideas aimed at obtaining solutions to a range of topics.

Vincentas got the outstanding delegate award and Blake got the highly commended award for their respective committees. Vincentas was also in the leading USA team that won the overall crisis committee debate at the end. Some very confident performances were shown by the rest of the students at committee and during the group debate.

Congratulations to Ann, Freddie, Louie, Lucy, Mason, Owen, Theo and Velimira for taking part. Our students were exceptional and carried themselves with confidence and assertiveness. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, supported each other, and interacted really well with their peers.

– Mrs Wester